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Carnicom Drops the Hammer


I've seen this before, nothing new...except one new twist...the whitley strieber scanning cc's board, I noticed that religious threads and attacking government type threads, and just plain weird were "locked" at carnicom's board , there goes the guided muscle, nsa sucks, chem11 triad....fear ,paranoia, innuendo are obviously strong substitutes for honesty, integrity...and so on in these three's lives, sad commentary but it is so and if you would scan the threads back to when I got the axe (if they went back that far) at cc's this would prove factual.There was an announcement of carnicom (posted below) that seemed on the surface to me esoteric and quite benign, the reaction to the statement by these three is illogical and smells of a set-up or push off of these barnicles to move on... for those who are truly interested in study....these 3 and their opinions obviously have been determined to not be what "core" chemtrail insiders want to put forth as product....

I for one say....hear hear !!!

Carnicom speaks :

This message board maintains certain standards of conduct and involvement that have remained consistent throughout its history. Members are advised to become familiar with those standards if they wish to participate on an ongoing basis.

This message board does not serve the purpose of mind games or personal attacks and affairs.I attempt to maintain a high level of tolerance for freedom of discussion as it serves the stated purposes of this message board. It remains within my judgement as to when the topics of discussion stray too far from the agenda that is clearly stated to exist. I will adhere to the stated objectives as is deemed appropriate. Participation is encouraged as it serves these objectives.

Please understand that ACTIVISM and RESEARCH are the highest priorities here. Constructive and positive actions are sought after. Quality of discussion is valued and will be supported.

Clifford E Carnicom

Chem11 said that there was too much mindless debunking at thermits, and now finds it a home....

If it were not for politics this issue might have acually gained a ligitimate response....who knows maybe a college or peer-reviewed institution may have took it up and found something....or nothing....but certainly more than a waste of bandwidth...


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