the fourth of july ufo's

is it real ?...or a hoax ?

the fourth of july ufo's

Postby Seeker » July 24th, 2013, 3:58 am

all across the U.S people reported seeing UFO's multiple ones, some red in color...I'm thinking they might have been deployed drones...but here's our story...the names have been changed to protect the innocent...

What 6 of us seen right after our town fireworks show was truly unusual...if the neighbors would not have set off a big big rocket we may never have seen the started with one at over 5k I'm fairly certain about the height...they were not large in my opinion, and this may not even be interesting until the second one came up at a high rate of speed to join the first one...which I swear to God looked like they were on a frozen rope, or on a train, moving along like so the same speed I noticed it immediately...

like you would take a flashlight and split your fingers over the beam to present two images on a wall, separate though they move the same...anyway as the second started to dim from view her come the third ! racing on a vector that would put "it" with "them" quickly...that was the only one that seemed to be heading differently, then here come another one...all red in color...moving these objects are described as red or orange in color...on the video...on the video they appear to have flux to their light and more a white blue than orange...only attribute I can attach to this is that the iphone 4s camera as most if not all cell phone cameras record ultra violet light...and again there was no red or blue / ACL lights...

july_2013 106.JPG

best enlargement I could do with this machines software

july_2013 113.JPG

the audio is useless, as there was no sound...period...when a jet aircraft approaches it is basically silent til it passes you then you hear sound coming or going and we had 4 opportunities to observe what was in this case for sure the same craft, all the behavior was identical...

just posting a still now...the video is too large to upload via the attachment I have to figure this out lol...if I can't get it smaller without quality loss I will stick it on a web page....

I'm only including this one because the ahem, gentleman says it was red in color, but on his camera it was not..warning adult language...all through it....smh...
Some objects may be closer than they appear
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