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Postby Seeker » May 13th, 2013, 2:48 am

SOLID SAVINGS is pretty nasty...and it is included in or with, under the guise of downloading a copy of a popular and most recent jailbreaking tool called "evasi0n"...

a customer googled evaisi0n and clicked the link and ended up with this malware...and in this situation even with a HIPS firewall you are download what you think to be a jailbreaking tool and probaly put it in "install mode" making this a genuine mis-direction but then again the evasi0n file seems to be actually included...on my test it did say correctly that the phone was unjailbreakable because the fireware was to new...

this malware is interesting because even if you uncheck the boxes for toolbars etc. it still installs them...then when you access a website and read, those annoying "word ad's", that activate with your mouse pointer appear...and re-direct you to all sorts of mean nasty ugly places...

the kicker is though modest effort it seems to be genuinely removed the first time...

which is skirting the limited definition of "malware" since you can disable and remove it...

when removing SOLID SAVINGS AND AOL toolbar, in the "add and remove programs windows xp" both the AOL toolbar and SOLID SAVINGS program show a pop up box that says an error occured...but the programs look isn't until you disable them in add-ons...that the program solid savings seems to go traces even in the registry...

so...what do you call this, is it malware or super-aggressive advertising for bottom feeding clients ? :edith:
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