iPad2 repair pics.

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iPad2 repair pics.

Postby LTC8K6 » February 22nd, 2012, 2:33 am

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Re: iPad2 repair pics.

Postby Seeker » February 22nd, 2012, 9:43 am

wow that's a horrible job...I got a ipad2 in for repair that this chick ordered the digitizer (glass) and her brother tried to repair it...to make a long story short he broke the digitizer connector which caused the digitizer to not function in some spots which was probably the same problem/symptom that gentleman had after his repair...ahemm...

the corners do get bent in and they do need to be straightened somewhat on occasion but there are tools that help this to be done without solder, metal glue and or whatever was used in that deal...lol...

I charge 200 to repair these which is more than some but I replace the gasket that goes between the frame and the glass all adhesive is removed and replaced with new (which is time consuming and a major pain in the arse!)...also the wifi antenna is stuck to the glass and usually gets broke by the novice in this repair...I replace that as well if it is destroyed...

some of the units cost 600-800 bucks...it's crazy how cheap people get when a repair is needed...most of the more popular sites rate the ipad2 as a "4" out of 10 (ten being the easiest) on a repair scale and should NOT be attempted by a novice or if you have freakishly large hands :cool:

of course when these units are bought and given to small children...well...you reap what you sow...

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