jailbreak iphone 4, 4s and ipad2

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jailbreak iphone 4, 4s and ipad2

Postby Seeker » February 19th, 2012, 7:44 am

it's very unusual that apple has let the jailbreaking go without some sort of patch but they have since before IOS5 came out and now IOS 5.0.1 is jailbroken as well...I have been using the new jailbreak for about a month with no problems or glitches...the 4s jailbreak is probably the easiest jailbreak since jailbreakme.com...the iphone4 break is easy too...comparatively speaking with the older redsnow versions...lol...

Of course apple could patch things and out date this break so if you are going to do it do it soon, it's quick and painless so don't procrastinate...

here's a screenshot of a notification center theme...green honey combs...


if you have windows select that version as well as what phone you have don't select the jailbreak for the 4s when you have a 4....or windows when you have a mac...

the best procedure after the jailbreak, to take advantage of it right off the bat is open the cydia icon to go to search and upload winterboard, restart it on the prompt then go back to cydia and search then get sbsettings...you will need search for openssh, weathericon, 20 second lockscreen, lockscreen clockhide for the htc weather widget, upload them to your device, that is a good start...

get the app to remove internet media.net and "protect my privacy" to get back control over your phone...did you know some apps look at your contact list ? :-o

members are welcome to add their favorite J/B apps here as well...and I'll add new ones from time to time...of course if there's a problem post it here as well...

get the break here :


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