Hypocrisy of a Chemtrail Promoter

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Clifford Carnicom a prominent chemtrail promoter http://www.carnicom.com/conright.htm issued a response to a "private e-mail" and in the response posted the private e-mails 2 individuals and the private mail itself.

A desperate attempt at diversion due to the negative press from Traci Watson : USA Today article

Clifford Carnicom has banned Jay Reynolds and others from participating on his board for even the appearance of posting private mail and no doubt the only reason he published it was because of the person not the content. For this reason it looks to be a publicity stunt on the behalf of Clifford Carnicom at the expense of others privacy.

Excerpt of Carnicom's response :

"Any statements, implications, or insinuations made by any individuals, including a Mr. Patrick Minnis, that I have received monetary compensation for personal gain for participation in any video documentary projects are PATENTLY FALSE and are herein refuted. Monetary compensation for personal gain is excluded as a factor in any research that I have conducted, am conducting, or will continue to conduct on the aerosol operations that are occurring without informed consent."

In the above monetary gain was stressed, well on the front of the video it says "featuring the foremost researchers in the field" and lists Will Thomas, Clifford Carnicom, Len Horowitz, Joyce Riley, $24.95 goes somewhere.

Why would Mr.Carnicom feel he needed to prove that he has nothing to gain financially, moreover why does Carnicom feel the need to prove that to Dr. Minnis ?

Mr. Carnicom does say personal gain, which would leave open the idea of business or organization, like CACTUS or the chemtrail research fund for instance.

These are honest questions based in fact and have a resolution based in fact one way or another, unlike the never ending stories at Mr. Carnicom's website....

This quote from Dr. Minnis :

"Because the origin of the secret plots promoted by these people is the government, it is automatically impossible for anyone from the government to refute the accusations".

This is the old you would not believe it if I told you because you think the government is the source of the problem and would lie. Certainly a well crafted slam at the sky is falling crowd, and well said if you refute the ones you ask questions of how do you ever come to a logical conclusion ?

With hair perm solution ?

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